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    Vietnam, Hanoi Street Food tour – night tour 3h

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    A beautiful discovery of the local life at nightfall in the old quarter of Hanoi where the 36 lively corporations are located. This is unique in the world, and it gives you a great experience of discovering simple dishes but with beautiful typical flavors. Are you ready and willing to make the discovery?

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    Discovering street food in Hanoi’s 36 Corporations District


    18h00 :


    This street food tour starts at 6pm. Our guide will be waiting for you in front of the Jade Mountain Temple (Ngoc Son) on the lake. Our tour guide can also pick you up at your hotel. (If it is not very far from the Lake of the Restituted Sword, Hoan Kiem).


    Street food tour:


    Sreet food aperitif


    This street food tour starts with the nộm bò khô , the green papaya salad with beef jerky. This takes place in a small “restaurant” on the sidewalk of Hồ Hoàn Kiếm Street.

    Nộm Bò Khô is composed of thin strips of papaya, strips of dried beef, fried pork, aromatic herbs and peanuts. But the key to the dish depends largely on the sweet and spicy sour sauce. The recipe for this sauce is the secret of every cook. Mix well before serving.


    After the aperitif with Nộm Bò Khô, we then take you to taste the bánh tôm, crispy shrimp fritter. It is a fried patty filled with whole shrimps. The banh tom is dipped in a sweet and salty sauce made of fish sauce.


    Main course of street food


    bún chả

    Following a few steps from the “restaurant” of Bánh Tôm, you will taste another very famous specialty of Hanoi, the “bún chả” accompanied by a Hanoi beer “bia Hà Nội”. Bun Cha is thin rice noodles with sweet and sour sauce made of fruits (often guava), with pork barbecue with dumplings or sliced with herbs. It is accompanied by lettuce and various fresh herbs, as well as garlic and chili pepper to add according to taste.

    *According to your preference, we can replace the Bún Chả by “Phở” or “bún riêu cua”.


    As for Phở , it is served inclear broth made of beef bone harmonize with rice noodles, cooked or raw beef strips, ginger, onion and roasted chives. The whole decorated with spices, and aromatic herbs. We eat it hot, ideally in a ceramic bowl for the best experience. Another traditional version of Phở Hà Nội is Phở Gà “chicken phở”.

    bún riêu cua

    Bún riêu cua” (crab noodle soup) is a noodle soup made with tomato and crab or shrimp paste. The broth has many other ingredients like tamarind, rice vinegar, fried tofu and various vegetables. ( banana flowers, mint and soybean sprouts, etc… ) This is an extremely rich (and delicious!) dish.


    Street food dessert


    Finally, you end this special dinner with a glass of “Egg coffee’ (which consists of a sweet coffee with a beaten egg in it, which makes it creamy) or a dessert in a very famous salad of fresh fruits sprinkled with coconut milk and condensed milk (hoa quả dầm) at To Tich street.


    21h : End of the visit


    This is the end of this street food discovery tour. You can continue to walk around to discover the nightlife of Hanoi or go back to your hotel (our guide will show you the way back to the hotel or he will take you to the hotel if it is not far.


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