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    Tour guide driver in Uzbekistan | Tashkent Samarkand (French)


    Guide chauffeur en Ouzbékistan
    Guide chauffeur en Ouzbékistan
    Guide chauffeur en Ouzbékistan
    Guide chauffeur en Ouzbékistan
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    14 Days & 12 Nights Tours in Uzbekistan | Tashkent Smarkand


    Toshkent- Khiva- Bukhara- Nurata – Yurts Camp- Aydarkul-Bivouac- Samarkand -Shakhrisabz-Samarkand-Tashkent.

    * This tour is available in French only.


    The highlight:

    The unique experience of a hike in the Kizilkum Desert located near Aidarkul Lake.

    A night in a tent in a bivouac.

    Visiting historic towns.


    Day1. Flight to Tashkent.

    Overnight on board the plane.


    Day2. Tashkent

     Welcome to the soil of the Silk Road!

    As soon as you arrive on Uzbek soil, you will be greeted by our guide and driver who will take you to your hotel. You will have a leisurely breakfast, after which you will begin to discover the city.

    “The City of Bread” so named by foreigners for taking care of orphans during the Second World War.

    This city has been rebuilt several times as a result of earthquakes since 1890.


    The day will begin with a visit to the Khasti Imam complex, known for its Friday Mosque as well as its Quran dating back to the 7th century. On the way out, we will visit the Chorsu Market and its large dome, and then the Independence Square where there was the statue of Lenin.

    We’ll take the metro capable of withstanding a large amount of earth, not to mention the unmissable Avenue of Timur, founded in 1993 and composed of a statue of Tamerlang, two clocks and a hotel built in the form of an open book.


    Day3. Tashkent- Khiva

     Transfer to the airport for Urganch (06:55/08:25).

    You will take the car to go to Khiva (30 km). The day will be dedicated to the discovery of Ichan Kala, an inland city with its historical buildings such as the Kuknna Arch, the former residence of the rulers of Khiva, the Friday Mosque having 288 different columns, Toch Khovli, the Stone Palace and a few other madrassas to visit.

    At the end of the afternoon, we will climb the wall of Khiva to discover the panorama of the city.

     Day4. Khiva – open-air museum city

    After visiting some of Khiva’s wonders, you will have lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, you will discover the beauties of the city and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Dinner and evening stroll through the alleys of Khiva. Overnight at the hotel.


    Day5. Khiva- Bukhara

    Transfer to the train station (09:12/ 16:17).

    The departure by train to the city of Bukhara will pass through the desert named Qizil qum, the red sand, located between Uzbekistan and Khazakistan where you will see sheep, lizards.

    The distance between Khiva and Bukhar is 450 km (7 hours drive).

    After our installation: self-guided tour


    Day6.  Bukhara

    Bukhara is the legendary city built around an old quarter dating back to the Middle Ages with the Labi khovuz complex and its basin. We will visit the synagogue dating back to the sixteenth century. As the city is located at the crossroads of the country’s central roads, you will discover the dome market where the Jews of Bukhara developed an important commercial activity.


    Strolling through these alleys is like going back to the Middle Ages and forgetting the current city.

    Even more interesting, the rest of the visit stops at the madrasa of Ulugbek, the learned mathematician and astronomer, passionate about science. We pass by the Toki-Zargaron, Jewellers’ Dome, to get to the Poi-Kalon complex, one of the most beautiful architectural ensembles in Central Asia. The largest architectural ensemble that surprised Genghis Khan so much that he dropped his headdress.


    Day7.  Bukhara

     We continue our visit with the fortress of Bukhara which is said to have been built on a cowhide if we believe the legend. Staying between the two historical monuments, one hastens to know why there was a red carpet laid on the ground from the fortress.

    We walk to the market of Bukhara to admire all the expertise of the locals.

    Right next to this market, there is a water source with healing properties. We end the day of visit with the mausoleum of Ismail Samaniy, the founder of the Samanid dynasty.


    Day8. Bukhara-Nurata-Yurts Camp

     Before leaving the Bukhara region, we will stop at a family that has specialized in the manufacture of ceramics for several generations. Still on the Silk Road, we will stop at the Roboti Malik caravanserai where merchants stopped to drink water from the reservoir and rest.

    The visits continue with the discovery of the oasis of Nourata, the city of the spring. Seeing the constellation Ursa Major with its destroyed city is reminiscent of the time of Alexander the Great. We will also visit two mosques.

    We continue our journey to the yurt camp. And dine under a starry sky far from the cities. We listen to the songs of the nomads and try to dance with the locals.


    Day9. Yurt Camp-Lake Aydarkul-Bivouac

    The day will be devoted to the discovery of Kizilkum which runs from Khiva to Lake Aydarkul and continues towards the south of the country. After having breakfast, you will leave by walking towards Aydarkul lake (about 10 km).

    During your hike, you will see lots of saxauls, the desert plants that were the food of the camels as well as the fuel for the inhabitants. Once you arrive, you will have your picnic next to the lake while discovering the panorama of the lake.

    In the afternoon, you will continue your hike in the presence of your guide for about 2-3 hours. Once your ride is over, the tents and dinner will be taken care of by our team. You will sleep in tents, in bivouacs.


    Day10. Bivouac – Samarkand

    Departure to the city of Samarkand, Lunch according to the time of arrival. In the afternoon, following the visit to the mausoleum of Tamerlang, one will begin to grasp the truth of the saying attributed to Alexander the Great about Samarkand: “Everything I have heard about the beauty of ‘Samarkand’ is true. But there is only one exception, the city is much prettier than I could have imagined! »


    Day11. Samarkand Discovery Day

    It is difficult to imagine the city of Samarkand without Registan Square because all the streets of the city led here as they also say with Rome. Visiting the Bibikhanim Mosque located next to the Siyab Market, one can understand why the city was called the largest city. We will end the day with a visit to the necropolis of Chahi Zinda, composed of about twenty mausoleums to visit.


    Day12. Samarkand –Shakhrisabz- Samarkand

    We will take the road to discover the birthplace of Tamerlang located 85 km south of Samarkand via a picturesque pass (1700m). We will discover the white palace of Tamerlang, so large that a horse could not travel the courtyard of the palace in a single day. Following the Craftsmen’s Center, one will visit the two complexes, Dor-ul Soadat, the Ensemble of Happiness and Dor-ul Tilovat, the Meditation Ensemble. Return to Samarkand.


    Day13.  Samarkand-Tashkent

    We discover the well-known tissue paper workshop founded since the 7th century. We plunge into the period of the VII-XX century by visiting the museum of Afrasiab and its superb murals. Leaving the museum, we will visit the observatory of Ulubek, the grandson of Tamerlang who was passionate about science and killed by his son. In the afternoon: free time and transfer to the train station.


    Day14. Tashkent-Return flight

    Transfer to the airport.


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