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    Samarkand Customized private tour l Uzbekistan


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    Samarkand Customized private tour l Uzbekistan


    Samarkand Customized private tour provide you a personal guide.

    Customize your private tour in Uzbekistan with Feruz with a duration and departure time that suits you.

    The guide can lead the tour by his own vehicule.


    Samarkand tour price :


    125 USD per day per person


    Samarkand tour include :

    Chauffer service

    Tour guide

    Smarkand tour exclude :

    Entrance fee




    Presentation of Smarkand


    Smarkand is a city that comes to mind when you think of the Silk Road along with Changan and Constantinople as the central city of Transoxiana where East and West meet. It is also one of the oldest remaining Central Asian cities. It seems that humans have been active in the area since about 4,000 years ago. And it first appears in literature sources during the conquest of the East by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC. In Greek and Roman records, it appears under the name marakanda, derived from the Sogdian word Asmarakand. Asmara refers to a stone or rock, and kand refers to a fort or city. And the pronunciation has changed slightly to become today’s Samarkand.

    It is the most representative ancient city of Central Asia and the best tourist destination in Uzbekistan. The entire city is full of historical places. Crosswalks and traffic lights, which are hard to find in downtown Uzbekistan, exist in front of Registan Square. Registan Square is a must-visit place for heads of governments around the world when they visit Uzbekistan, so unlike the streets in the overall city, the pavement is in very good condition. If you go to the right of Registan Square, a statue of Islom Karimov is also standing there. However, between Registan and the Old Town, a huge wall was erected to cover the old appearance.

    Representing Registan, it is called the Shahijinda Mausoleum in the northeast of the old city of Samarkand, where the remains of the Prophet Muhammad’s cousin Kusam and Ulugbek’s gifts and children are enshrined. The Silk Road and Islamic sensibility are harmonized, and the scenery is enchanting at sunset.


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