Peyrepertuse Footsteps of Middle ages of France

Footsteps of the kings in the Middle Ages of France

A trip to a fascinating the footsteps of Kings in the Middle ages of France , but also a great opportunity to stroll in the Champagne region, to visit Paris and discover the south of France, from the Pyrenees to the beaches of the Mediterranean…

At Reims :

The cathedral of Reims where the kings were crowned. 

– The abbey of Saint-Rémi where the Holy Ampulla containing the oil was kept used for the coronation of kings, given to Saint Rémi by a dove sent by God.

In Paris :

– The Saint-Denis Basilica, necropolis of the kings in the Middle ages of France 

– The Sainte Chapelle, built by Saint Louis to place the crown of thorns there of Christ acquired from the Byzantine Empire

– The Notre-Dame cathedral

The south of France,

– The crusade against the Cathar heresy: the castles of Montségur, Quéribus, Peyrepertuse,


– Departure for the Holy Land: Aigues-Mortes…

 Middle ages of France Middle ages of France

basilique saint-remiwinery in Reims region


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