Latest update, 5th Sep, 2022


Entry Regulations

  • All passengers arriving from countries with terminated travel restrictions are permitted to enter with the exception of EU and Schengen associated countries
    • Country lists : South Korea, New Zealand, China(including Hong kong, Macau), Taiwan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Kuwait, Rwanda, Uruguay, Bahrain, UAE, Colombia, Peru, Indonesia
    • Korean citizens can enter without a visa (up to 90 days)

Restriction Exceptions

  • EU residents
  • Long-term visa or student visa holder
  • COVID-19 related document holder. (one of the following : fully-vaccinated certificate/ negative COVID-19 test result/ COVID-19 recovery certificate)

Required Documents and Preparations

  • When departing from the EU and Schengen regions
    • No need to have a COVID-19 related certificate
  • When departing from third countries outside the EU and Schengen area
    • Submit one of the COVID-19 related certificates below
      • Certificate of being fully vaccinated
        • * 14 to 270 days after completion of inoculation; those who got inoculated with booster shot and those under the age of 18 have no validity period
        • * COOV vaccination certificate is recognized
      • Negative COVID-19 test result
        • * Negative PCR test result certificate tested within 72 hours of departure or negative rapid antigen test certificate tested within 24 hours of departure
      • COVID-19 recovery certificate
        • * 11 to 180 days after COVID-19 confirmation (first positive result)
      • Exception : Children under age 12 and passenger who transfer within 24 hours
    • Passengers must fill out an online special quarantine report within 3 days of departure [HERE]
      • The above document information needs to be entered; the original certificate can be requested during the quarantine process after entering the country

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